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Building 1, Sardegna Ricerche, Technology Park of Sardinia
The Region of Sardinia has entrusted Sardegna Ricerche with the following tasks:
1. Assist the Regional administration with designing and implementing actions in the field of research and technology development, human capital development and the promotion of scientific culture
2. Implement programmes aimed at promoting the development of technology and production clusters, industry integration and the development of a network of centres of competency and excellence
3. Foster the set up of innovative enterprises, establishing the appropriate infrastructure and organisational conditions
4. Promote, manage and develop the Science and Technology Park of Sardinia, fostering the location of research, innovation and technology transfer activities at the Park.

Sardegna Ricerche also performs the following tasks:
1. It provides individual or associated enterprises with services targeting the introduction of new technologies, management upgrading and the support of corporate activities
2. It organises and delivers advanced training of highly innovative content to enterprises and research organisations
3. It can also pursue other activities delegated to it by law, or on the basis of agreements with public administrations or other public or private parties.