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Service charter

The Library of the Technology Park of Sardinia offers a broad range of services to meet the different needs of users. You need to register in order to access these services. Some services are reserved to Park researchers. Online access to the Library catalogue, to electronic resources and to the User area is only possible in the Italian version of this site.
For details and further information, please see the Library Rules.

Library staff are available to help users consult the Library's catalogue, the electronic resources available by subscription and documents not for loan.

The Library’s materials can be loaned out, with the exception of: magazines, newspapers, general and specialist reference materials (encyclopaedias, dictionaries, etc.), loose-leaf publications, official documents, and rare or delicate publications.

Access to electronic resources
The Library guarantees access to the electronic resources covered by subscription only from the IP addresses of the HQ of the Science and Technology Park of Sardinia.
Each user attached to a tenant company or research centre can therefore access these publications directly from his/her computer workstation (Italian version only). All other users may access these materials from the computers available at the Library.

Interlibrary loan (ILL) and document delivery (DD)
The Library of Polaris is associated with the National Library Service (Servizio Bibliotecario Nazionale - SBN), the National Magazine Catalogue (Catalogo Nazionale dei Periodici - ACNP), the NILDE service and the services provided by some of the leading European libraries. The Library can thus locate and obtain reference and documentary materials not included in its catalogue.
If users request books not present in the Library catalogue, these can be sourced through the interlibrary loan service, which makes it possible to locate and obtain on loan or for consultation books held by other libraries thanks to exchange agreements.
DD (Document Delivery) is a service enabling users to request copies of articles published in magazines for which the Library does not have a subscription.
These services might entail a cost for users.

Reference information and consultancy
The reference service provides assistance for reference or subject searches, sourcing of documents in the Library catalogue or other national and international catalogues and in the search and selection of information resources on the Internet.

User area on the website
For remote interaction with the Library, registered library users can access a personal area, called User area, from the Italian version of this website. To access this area, users must enter the UserID and Password they were assigned after their online registration. Registered users can request books and articles and check the status of their requests without physically going to the Library or using e-mail. In the User area, authorised users can save the log of their own requests and access specialised services such as the virtual reference desk, a remote-access information and reference consultation service. Access to the User area is only possible in the Italian version of this site.

Purchase proposals
All Library users can suggest new purchases either in person or, if they have registered online, using the form provided in the Communications section of the website's User area (only in Italian). These suggestions will be assessed and processed based on budget considerations and compliance with the general policies of Sardegna Ricerche.