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Library rules

Open book
Admission and registration
Admission to the Technology Park Library is open to all those requesting it.
Registration in the Library is free of charge and:
1. is required in order to access Library services
2. can be made any time during the year
3. is performed through presentation of a valid ID.

All users already registered in other Libraries belonging to the Italian National Library Service (SBN) will be given access to Library services without the need to make a new registration.

Online registration
The Technology Park's researchers can request opening of a personal account to obtain access to the User area in the website’s Library section. After completing online registration, they will receive their personal access codes.

Users may borrow 2 books for 15 days. The loan is renewable, also by phone or e-mail, unless the same books have been requested by other library users.
At any time, for control or service reasons, the Library Manager may request return of a book, which must be handed in within 24 hours from the return request.
Users who fail to return books by the due date will be excluded from the lending service until they return them.
After the second reminder by the Library service, the right to borrow books will be suspended for two months. Users who repeatedly fail to return books by the due date will be permanently excluded from the service.
If a borrowed book is lost, destroyed or damaged, the user is required to purchase a new copy. If the publication is no longer available for sale, the user will be charged the amount necessary for its recovery through other circuits (e.g.: costs for shipment and photocopying of a copy found in another library).

Payable services
For those services involving additional costs, the Library will request advance reimbursement of costs incurred.
Such costs, unless otherwise indicated, are payable by users through payment to the following post office account:
P.O. account ("c/c postale") no. 32367286
Held by ("Intestato a") Sardegna Ricerche – via Palabanda, 9 - 09123 Cagliari
Reason for payment ("Causale"): services provided by the Library of the Science and Technology Park of Sardinia.

As a rule, the Library purchases monographs twice a month. Renewals of subscriptions to magazines and journals and negotiations for new subscriptions start in the month of September.
All requests for new purchases should be submitted in line with this timing.

It is possible to obtain at one’s own expense, reproduction for personal study purposes of works held by the Library, in accordance with current copyright legislation (Law no. 248/2000), provided that the state of conservation, type of publication and protection obligations make such copying feasible.
Copying of material which cannot be lent must be requested by filling in a form provided by the Library, and shall be performed in the manner deemed most appropriate for ensuring protection of the publication.