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Management and areas

Meeting of Sardegna Ricerche staff
General Management (GM)
The Agency comprises 3 services and 15 sectors. A further 5 offices report directly to General Management. For each sector and office, the personnel responsible and their tasks are indicated in this section of the website. The General Director directs and coordinates the Agency’s services, sectors and offices and monitors the achievement of its objectives.

Innovation, Research and Development Funding Service (IR&DFS)
The service handles calls for R&D funding, business support, advice on funding opportunities, innovation funding for manufacturing and tourism, projects for technology transfer between research centres and companies, and support for start-ups.

Science and Technology Park, Research, Development and Technology Transfer Service (R&DTTS)
The Service manages and coordinates all the Park's technology platforms, consisting of scientific equipment, facilities and know-how.

Management Support Service (MSS)
The service manages and coordinates legal affairs and legal-administrative activities related to the procurement of works, goods and services. It also manages economic and financial accounting and coordinates the activities related to the Agency’s general affairs. Finally, the Service manages the Temporary Office for Manifattura Tabacchi with regard to the administrative activity of handling tenancies.

General Management
Managing Director: Maria Assunta Serra