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Management and areas

Meeting of Sardegna Ricerche staff
The Agency comprises three services and ten sectors. A further four offices report directly to General Management. The General Director leads and coordinates Sardegna Ricerche’s services, sectors and offices and monitors achievement of scheduled objectives.

Research and Technology Park Service
This Service leads, coordinates and manages activities relating to the planning and implementation of research and technological development projects. It implements programmes aimed at promoting the development of technology and production clusters, supply chain integration and the development of the network of centres of competence, including the activities of laboratories, incubators and other tools and facilities.

Innovation and Technology Transfer Service
This Service leads, coordinates and manages activities for innovation and technology transfer and actions for the development of technology applications in favour of enterprises, as well as support services for both innovative and traditional sectors.

Legal, Financial and Administrative Service
This Service leads, coordinate and manages legal affairs, legal-administrative activities linked to the supply of works and the procurement of goods and services, manages the Public Procurement Helpdesk and coordinates the Agency’s general services, logistics and secretarial services. It also manages the technical-administrative and logistics activities relating to the management of the Agency’s sites, infrastructure, facilities and buildings and maintains and updates internal and external IT systems.

General Management
Managing Director: Maria Assunta Serra