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Tenancy opportunities

Building 2, Sardegna Ricerche, Technology Park of Sardinia
The Science and Technology Park of Sardinia is a system of research and development facilities providing the best conditions for companies pursuing research and technology development and its industrial applications.

Its operational configuration includes:
- A system of services, laboratories and technology clusters for innovation, research and technology development
- A system of advanced facilities for hosting innovative businesses and R&D activities.

The Park has four centres, each focusing on specific science and technology sectors:

The main centre at Pula (Cagliari)
ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies)
- Biomedicine and Health Technologies

Macchiareddu-Uta Centre (Cagliari)
- Renewable energies

Torregrande Centre (Oristano)
- Marine and coastal ecosystems

Tramariglio-Alghero Centre (Sassari)
- Biotechnologies
- Food technologies
ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies)

Detailed information on the services on offer at the various Park sites and on how to become a tenant is provided in the guide "Tenancy at the Science and Technology Park of Sardinia - Characteristics and technical specifications of tenancy options", downloadable from "Related documents".

Contact persons
Pula Centre
Davide Onnis
Indirizzo emaildavide.onnis@sardegnaricerche.it
Programming and Finance Sector
Parco tecnologico, Edificio 2
Località Piscinamanna – 09010 Pula (CA)
Tel. +39 070 9243.1
Fax +39 070 9243.2203

Macchiareddu Centre
Luca Contini
Indirizzo emailcontini@sardegnaricerche.it
Research and Development Unit
VI Strada Ovest
Zona industriale Macchiareddu
09010 Uta (CA) - Italy
Tel. +39 070 9243.1
Fax +39 070 2548183

Oristano Centre
Maura Baroli
Indirizzo emailinfo@fondazioneimc.it
IMC - International Marine Centre
Torregrande - Località Sa Mardini
09170 Oristano (OR) - Italy
Tel. +39 0783 22027
Fax +39 0783 1920342

Alghero Centre
Tonina Roggio
Indirizzo emailroggio@portocontericerche.it
Production Sector
Porto Conte Ricerche
S.P. 55 Porto Conte-Capo Caccia, Km 8.400
Località Tramariglio - 07041 Alghero (SS)
Tel. +39 079 998.400
Fax +39 079 998.567