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Research & innovation

Researcher at work
This section illustrates the services available from Sardegna Ricerche and its partners for research and technology development, organisational and management innovation, service innovation and product and process innovation. It also contains a description of services for technology brokerage, internationalisation and the creation of innovative start-ups and spin-offs.
Researcher R&D and innovation
Sardegna Ricerche and its associated organisations support the Regional Government's policies and actions for the advancement of research, innovation and technology development. They do so by implementing programmes and projects providing services and incentives for innovation, in harmony with the regional policy promoting the development of technology and production clusters, industry chain integration and the development of networks of centres of excellence and competence.
New enterprise New entrepreneurship
Sardegna Ricerche and its associated organisations stimulate the creation of new high-tech local enterprises. Special attention is paid to spin-offs, i.e. new business initiatives created to convert the results of public and private research into commercial products.
Circuits Technology brokerage
SR and its partners perform technology audits to assess companies’ resources and needs, support the encounter between technology demand and supply, provide assistance in the negotiation of technology transfer agreements, and organise thematic seminars for technology transfer and brokerage events.
Export Internationalisation
In collaboration with the Regional Government, Sardegna Ricerche and its associated organisations implement programmes targeting the internationalisation of island enterprises, providing services and incentives for business penetration and market expansion initiatives. They also promote the creation of international partnerships between enterprises and research centres and institutions.