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Support and Design Unit

The support and design unit is a multi-disciplinary team providing assistance to enterprises and other public and private bodies for the development of initiatives in the sector of renewables, energy efficiency, natural and sustainable materials and productions and sustainability in general.

The main activities performed by the team include:
- information, outreach and training on calls for proposals and funding sources
- science education
- exploitation of research results, in particular the activities of the cluster’s laboratories
- design of new initiatives in the framework of national and international calls
- support to the regional government in drawing up planning and guidance documents and in planning and managing calls for applications for aid
- support to municipal authorities in drawing up their Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAP)
- management and reporting of projects, agreements and contracts
- administrative support to the laboratories
- operational and administrative management of the operational centre and infrastructure of the Renewable Energy Cluster.

Information and assistance
Unità di Supporto e Progettazione (Support and Design Unit)
VI Strada Ovest - Z.I. Macchiareddu - 09068 Uta (Ca)
tel. +39 070 9243.1 fax +39 070 2548183
Indirizzo emailpiattaformaer@sardegnaricerche.it

Head of the Exploitation of Research Result Sector
Luca Contini
tel. +39 070 9243.2220
Indirizzo emailcontini@sardegnaricerche.it

Mauro Frau
tel. +39 070 9243.2704
Indirizzo emailfrau@sardegnaricerche.it
Petra Perreca
tel. +39 070 9243.2703
Indirizzo emailperreca@sardegnaricerche.it
Michela Sergi
tel. +39 070 92432705
Indirizzo emailsergi@sardegnaricerche.it
Carlo Usai
tel. 070 92432702
Indirizzo emailusai@sardegnaricerche.it