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Pannello fotovoltaico
The Platform consists of three laboratories organised for shared use by several parties and projects, and of a support and design unit.
Biofuels: rape field Biofuels and biomass lab
The Biofuels and Biomass Lab provides assistance and research services for the development of power generation from biomass and the use of biofuels. It performs experimental activities using pilot plants and it has a testing and measurement lab for the chemical-physical and energy characterisation of biomass.
Persona mantiene un pannello fotovoltaico orientato verso il Sole Electricity Laboratory
The main aim of the Electricity Laboratory is to support enterprises and research centres in the electricity sector. Since 2013 the Laboratory has operated and monitored the production of two experimental PV plants, one with hybrid mono-crystalline/amorphous modules and the other high-concentration.
Prato in una giornata soleggiata Solar Concentration and Hydrogen from RES Laboratory
This laboratory pursues research, development and technology transfer activities in the sector of small and medium-sized concentration solar power installations, power and hydrogen generation from renewable energy sources, cogeneration via fuel cells and innovative systems for the storage of hydrogen, electricity and thermal energy.