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The latest news on the initiatives and activities implemented and promoted by Sardegna Ricerche, its partners and the Technology Park tenants felt to be of interest to international users. For a more complete list of news items, please visit the Italian version of this website.
Car park30.06.2015 - Clusters - Carlino Casari on HandyP@rking
Carlino Casari, the head of HandyP@rking, presents the idea designed to save drivers time by enabling them to find a parking space via their smartphones.
3D city model27.02.2015 - From real world to video and back. Gexcel's 3D
Laser scanning systems and 3d modelling software are nowadays applied in engineering to reduce errors and improve worker safety in construction sites. We have discussed this topic with Gexcel, a Technology Park tenant company, which has won an award from FARO Asia Pacific for the innovativeness of its products.
3D printer in use and logo of 3dmaker05.11.2014 - E-commerce and 3D printers: a specialised online store now available
3D printing has generated a new, fast-growing market. We have interviewed Davide Del Nista, co-founder with Antonio Onidi of online store '3D Maker', to learn about the first Sardinian e-commerce website dedicated to the world of makers and digital fabrication.
Person using a smartphone03.11.2014 - Here comes Clacsoon, the carpooling service in an app
October 1 saw the launch of CLACSOON, the carpooling app allowing offers and requests of shared trips to save money and decrease pollution in urban mobility. The app is available for Android systems and can be downloaded free of charge from Google Play Store.
Blomming's logo14.10.2014 - Interview with Nicola Junior Vitto of Blomming
One of the keynote speakers at the meeting "Becoming a Start-up Entrepreneur", organised by Sardegna Ricerche's Start-up Desk on Thursday 18 September at the MEM in Cagliari, was Nicola Junior Vitto, co-founder of Blomming, the social commerce platform. Here is his interview with Archimede.
Prixe’s logo13.10.2014 - Living on an island without feeling isolated: the story of Prixe
At times, innovation follows unexpected routes. This is shown by the story of Carla Pinna, co-founder and CEO of the e-commerce start-up Prixe, who we interviewed to understand how she managed to pursue innovation despite choosing – against the recent trend – to "go back home".
Sheep wool panels19.05.2014 - Brebey wins green business award "VII Premio Impresa Ambiente"
Brebey has received the VII green business prize "Premio Impresa Ambiente" for its project "Techno-wool: innovation and ecology for a sustainable future". The Prize is the highest recognition in Italy for innovative businesses focused on sustainable development.
Test tubes01.04.2014 - Call for the Polaris Research Incentive extended till Dec. 2014
There is time up to the end of the year to apply for the "Polaris research incentive", a call aimed at attracting enterprises coming from outside Sardinia.
Event title19.03.2014 - Open Data Day in Cagliari: A short outline of what took place
On Saturday 22 February 2014 in Cagliari, simultaneously with 17 other Italian cities and more than 100 others worldwide, the International Open Data Day was held.
Scientist holding a molecular model20.01.2014 - Research in Italy: low investments, excellent results
A British study tells us that despite having the lowest R&D investment, Italy boasts good results, especially in terms of start-ups and spin-off compared to investments.
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