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The latest news on the initiatives and activities implemented and promoted by Sardegna Ricerche, its partners and the Technology Park tenants felt to be of interest to international users. For a more complete list of news items, please visit the Italian version of this website.
Persone in ufficio15.11.2017 - The calls and funding opportunities offered by Sardegna Ricerche
Sardegna Ricerche regularly launches calls for innovation projects open to start-ups, businesses, research bodies and public authorities.
Young woman buys grocery06.12.2016 - Botteega and the SME instrument
Botteega is a startup based in Cagliari. The company is one of the beneficiaries of the SME instrument of Horizon 2020 under the topic “New business models for inclusive, innovative and reflective societies”, for which it applied in the round closed in September 2016.
Teen-ager using a tablet29.03.2016 - Applix Education and SME Instrument
Applix Education is a company with legal headquarter in Cagliari. Its project was evaluated successfully and hence approved under Phase 1 of the SME instrument.
SubCage Refa Med02.03.2016 - Refamed and successful application in SME instrument
Refa Med is a renowned technology provider for farming warm water marine species, which applied, and was selected and funded, for SME instrument in Horizon 2020.
Image on the theme of smart cities02.02.2016 - Smart City – Class A Municipalities – the videos telling the story of the project
Two videos have been added to Sardegna Ricerche’s YouTube channel presenting the results of "Smart City - Class A Municipalities", the project by the Region of Sardinia to reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, which ended in December 2015.
Map with feature icons03.07.2015 - Sedilo (Province of Oristano) number one for the sharing of georeferenced data
Sedilo (OR) has achieved a national-level record: it is the first Italian municipality to have entered its data in the National Register of Geographical Data, the national catalogue of meta-data covering geographical data and associated services. It shares the credit for this achievement with Nordai, a Sardinian start-up which created GeoNue, an open-source web platform.
Paolo Zurru, creator of My Solar Family, receives the award03.07.2015 - My Solar Family: an app for energy awareness
Over the past few years, the success of photovoltaic plants has taken a slide: the rate of installation of new systems is declining and good practices are spreading at a sluggish pace. How come? To understand the reasons for this trend we have spoken to Paolo Zurru, an engineering manager with a strong background as a physics researcher, who is the brain behind the My Solar Family project.
Car park30.06.2015 - Clusters - Carlino Casari on HandyP@rking
Carlino Casari, the head of HandyP@rking, presents the idea designed to save drivers time by enabling them to find a parking space via their smartphones.
3D city model27.02.2015 - From real world to video and back. Gexcel's 3D
Laser scanning systems and 3d modelling software are nowadays applied in engineering to reduce errors and improve worker safety in construction sites. We have discussed this topic with Gexcel, a Technology Park tenant company, which has won an award from FARO Asia Pacific for the innovativeness of its products.
3D printer in use and logo of 3dmaker05.11.2014 - E-commerce and 3D printers: a specialised online store now available
3D printing has generated a new, fast-growing market. We have interviewed Davide Del Nista, co-founder with Antonio Onidi of online store '3D Maker', to learn about the first Sardinian e-commerce website dedicated to the world of makers and digital fabrication.
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