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The latest news on the initiatives and activities implemented and promoted by Sardegna Ricerche, its partners and the Technology Park tenants felt to be of interest to international users. For a more complete list of news items, please visit the Italian version of this website.
Startupper02.11.2013 - Business ideas take front stage at Startup System 2013
On Friday 11 October in Pula (CA), the "Startup System 2013" conference and pitching event hosted the 17 startup teams that participated in the second call of the Programme "Aid for innovative startups" promoted by Sardegna Ricerche.
DNA07.08.2013 - Sardinian DNA study sheds light on the Age of Homo Sapiens
A study on the Sardinian population has shown that the islanders display most of the Y chromosome variants found in Europe and that the origins of Homo Sapiens are to be traced to about 200,000 years ago, 50,000 years earlier than stated in most previous studies.
Idea, prototype, product01.08.2013 - The makers' world: from marshmallows to 3D printers
3D printing, digital fabrication, open source, internet of things, crowdfunding are the keywords of the makers'world. A world anyone can access, from kids building marshmallow-shooting cannons to university students who do programming using Arduino.
Woman uses a virtual screen05.07.2013 - InsulaR launched in Cagliari
Let's welcome the birth of InsulaR in Cagliari: a community of users and supporters of R, an open-source software for performing statistical analyses.
Laboratory instruments10.06.2013 - Two new summer schools organised by Porto Conte Ricerche
With the financial support of Sardegna Ricerche, Porto Conte Ricerche is organising two summer schools in Alghero, at the local branch of the Technology Park.
A startupper17.05.2013 - The path to startup success designed by Sardegna Ricerche
On 3 April last, the mentoring path following the first selection of the business ideas submitted to Sardegna Ricerche under the call "Aid for innovative startups" kicked off.
Neurons19.03.2013 - Workshop "From Nanomedicine to Brain Imaging": Call for Posters
The call is now open for submission of posters to be presented in the final session of the workshop "From Nanomedicine to Brain Imaging. New Frontiers in Nanobiotechnology" to be held in Pula (Cagliari - Italy) from 17 to 19 April 2013.
Coloured origami in the shape of cars13.02.2013 - GreenShare, car pooling 2.0
Citizens' mobility and a sustainable approach to the problems of traffic take centre stage in the team effort behind GreenShare, an innovative car pooling platform which won the Start Cup Sardegna and was shortlisted for Italy's National Innovation Award.
Ophrys fusca ortuabis11.12.2012 - The discovery of Ophrys fusca ortuabis, a Sardinian orchid
The small Ophrys fusca ortuabis, an endemic Sardinian orchid mostly widespread in the Sarcidano area, is the leading act stage in "Ortuabis", a short film by Vincenzo Rodi, winner of the first "International Botanical Short Film Festival", organised within Orticolario, the gardening trade show held in Cernobbio (Province of Como).
Lab vials22.11.2012 - Innovative drug manufacturing method
At CRS4, a Sardinian multi-disciplinary research centre in the field of ICTs, a team of 3 researchers has developed a method to identify similarity indices among compounds which slashes the time and cost of research to develop new drugs and cosmetics.
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