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The latest news on the initiatives and activities implemented and promoted by Sardegna Ricerche, its partners and the Technology Park tenants felt to be of interest to international users. For a more complete list of news items, please visit the Italian version of this website.
CeBIT21.02.2011 - Sardegna Ricerche at CeBIT 2011
From 1 to 5 March, Sardegna Ricerche will be present at CeBIT 2011 in Hannover, taking part in the world’s most prestigious trade fair for ICTs.
View of a park building amidst the vegetation01.01.2011 - New tenancy spaces at Polaris
At the end of 2010, construction works were accomplished on building 8 of the Science and Technology Park of Sardinia. The new building will meet the growing demand for additional tenancy space and ancillary services.
Petri dishes18.07.2010 - Fase 1 srl has published a call for project proposals
Fase 1 srl has published a call for project proposals aimed at promoting the development of new medicines and medical devices.
Antiviral drugs13.07.2010 - ViroStatics: a strategic partnership to develop new antiretroviral drugs
ViroStatics, the Italian-US biopharmaceutical company with offices and laboratories located at Porto Conte Ricerche, the Nothern Sardinian branch of the Science and Technology Park of Sardinia, announced the formation of a new strategic partnership.
View of Tel Aviv29.10.2009 - The Israeli Ambassador visits Polaris
Israel's Ambassador to Italy, H.E. Gideon Meir, on an official visit to Cagliari, will be a very welcome guest at the Technology Park of Sardinia on Friday 30 October.
Protein extraction23.10.2009 - A new protein extraction method developed at Porto Conte Ricerche
Porto Conte Ricerche research centre has developed a reliable, efficient, and versatile extraction method of full-length proteins from FFPE tissues.
Building nr. 10 of the Technology Park of Sardinia03.06.2009 - An international event to attract foreign investments
From 22 to 23 October an international event will take place at the Science and Technology Park of Sardinia in order to foster new partnerships among enterprises and research centres in ICT and Biomedicine R&TD projects.
Drop of milk21.05.2009 - The partners of project Whetlac meet at Porto Conte Ricerche
The European project Whetlac aims at developing a system for producing lactic acid from whey permeate, a by-product of the cheese-making process.
Binary code14.05.2009 - On 26 May a double bill of events dedicated to the IT sector
"Double bill" at the Technology Park in Pula. In the morning, a Symposium on Emerging Trends in Software Metrics will be held, while in the afternoon Dr. Ivar Jacobson, creator of UML, will hold a conference as part of the "Polaris Talks" calendar.
Young professional pointing at the sky11.05.2009 - Sardegna Ricerche at the Sustainable Development Round Table
From 15 to 17 May, Sardegna Ricerche will take part in the Round Table on "Sustainable Development: biodiversity aspects and social innovation indicators", organised in Cagliari by the Industrialists' Association and the Young Entrepreneurs' Group.
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