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Meeting participants in the Auditorium of Sardegna Ricerche
Find out about events organised and promoted by Sardegna Ricerche, its partners and Technology Park tenants. These pages only list international events or those with English as the official language. The full list of events is available on the Italian version of this website.
Mani colorate28.02.2020 - Innovative technologies and approaches for Rare Disease Diagnosis and Treatment
CAGLIARI - 9:00 hrs
The initiative is organised by Sardegna Ricerche within Enterprise Europe Network activities, in collaboration with CRS4 and the association ‘Gli Equilibristi - HIBM’.
SINNOVA 201811.10.2018 - SINNOVA 2018
On 11 and 12 October SINNOVA 2018 will be held in Cagliari, marking the sixth edition of Sardinia's Innovation Expo.
Project tools21.09.2016 - Modern Agile Workshop
PULA (CA) - ORE 9:30
The workshop is addressed to the heads of companies' software development teams and provides an update on the latest methods and their application within companies.
Sun seen through fingers25.09.2015 - Small-scale concentrated solar power: demonstration plants in Sardinia and industrial process heat
PULA (CA) - ORE 9:30
The one-day event is organised by Sardegna Ricerche and by the InSun project partners: it comprises a conference on small-scale concentrated solar power plants in Sardinia and a workshop.
Microscope07.10.2013 - Summer School on Magnetic Resonance in Food Science
ALGHERO (Sassari - Italy)
This summer school will focus on cutting-edge Magnetic Resonance methodologies based on both NMR spectroscopy and Magnetic Resonance Imaging techniques.
DNA09.09.2013 - 3rd Sardinian Summer School on Genomic Analysis of Complex and Monogenic Disorders
PULA (Cagliari - Italy) - 09:00 hrs
From 9 to 13 September the Technology Park of Sardinia will host the 3rd edition of this summer school focusing on new approaches to the identification of the genetic bases of human diseases.
Illustration showing two people exchanging ideas12.07.2013 - SINNOVA 2013 - 1st Innovation Expo in Sardinia
CAGLIARI - 09:00 hrs
On Friday 12 and Saturday 13 July Sardegna Ricerche and the Region's Programming Department are organising the first Expo focused on the businesses and public agencies engaged in innovation on the island. The Expo has a rich schedule of conferences and showcasing events.
Laboratory tubes01.07.2013 - Summer School on Gel-based Proteomics
ALGHERO (Sassari - Italy) - 09:15 hrs
From 1 to 5 July Porto Conte Ricerche is organising in cooperation with EuPA, the European Proteomics Association, the third edition of the Summer School on Gel-based proteomics.
Red particles28.04.2013 - Intermolecular Interactions in Crystals
PULA (Cagliari - Italy)
The event is organised by CRS4 in partnership with Ruhr University Bochum, under the DFG project (German Research Foundation).
Illustrazione dell'attività cerebrale umana17.04.2013 - From Nanomedicine to Brain Imaging
PULA (Cagliari - Italy) - 09:30 hrs
From 17 to 19 April the Technology Park of Sardinia will host the workshop entitled "From Nanomedicine to Brain Imaging. New Frontiers in Nanobiotechnology".
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