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Meeting of professionals under the trees of the Park
The main centre at Pula currently hosts enterprises and research centres operating in the following sectors: ICTs, Biomedicine, Health Technologies, Bioinformatics and Energy. The Alghero centre hosts enterprises and research centres operating in the following sectors: ICTs, Biomedicine, Health Technologies and Industrial Biotechnologies.
Bridge M3S SpA
M3S SpA provides integrated solutions with a high scientific, methodological and technology content, with a specific focus on the interactions generated by human activities on urbanised territories.
Bombola di ossigeno Medical Systems
Medical Systems is engaged in the design, construction, maintenance and operation of medical, technical and laboratory gas installations.
Goccia su foglia Medicina Vegetale Tradizionale
The company was founded in October 2011 to pursue R&D activities and produce medical products obtained from an all-natural medical ointment
Lab vials NRC - Institute of Genetic and Biomedical Research - Immunogenetics Laboratory
The Laboratory's activity focuses on the study of genetic and environmental factors involved in the development of autoimmune diseases in Sardinia.
Researcher holding a vial NRC - Institute of Translational Pharmacology (Cagliari branch)
The Cagliari branch of the Institute of Translational Pharmacology of the Italian National Research Council was established officially in 2006 and is staffed by a multidisciplinary team of researchers engaged in drug research and pre-clinical development.
Ricercatori in laboratorio S.A.L.A.R.S.
S.A.L.A.R.S., founded in 1932 in Milan, was the first company authorised to process opioids in Italy for pharmaceutical and scientific use.
Smartphone e icone sul tema della connettività The Big Wave
The Big Wave is a company whose purpose is to develop, manufacture and market innovative high-technology products and services.
Microscopio Toxmed
TOXMED, a spin-off of Cagliari University, offers personalised services and consultancy in the areas of toxicology, forensics, agrifood and plant protection.
oli e erbe officinali Zenis
The company was established as an innovative start-up with the purpose of carrying out research, experimental development, production and marketing of cleansing and cosmetic products made with innovative formulas based on natural and biotechnological active ingredients.
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