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Other sectors

Innovative food packaging plant
Over the years, Sardegna Ricerche and its partners have implemented regional innovation policies in traditional sectors of the island's economy such as tourism, textiles, handicrafts and agrifood. Through various types of integrated programmes and projects, they have helped local SMEs access innovation and management support services, granting financial aid for the acquisition of such services and providing targeted assistance.

In particular, in the agrifood sector, the pilot food processing and stabilisation plants of the Alghero centre of the Technology Park of Sardinia, have made it possible to transfer to the island's producers innovative food production and preservation technologies, with a focus on typical regional products.

Sardegna Ricerche is also active in other fields such as materials science and technologies where it has flanked creation of the Sulcis-Iglesiente Technology Pole with a range of initiatives for strengthening the infrastructure and technology base and encouraging the development of new products and processes in the field of traditional and innovative materials, with a focus on nanomaterials.